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Personal protective face masks

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Personal protective face masks

Whether you’re in a crowded place, social distancing or just want to keep your germs to yourself, a personal protective face mask will put a layer of protection between you and everybody else in your space.

Reusable non-medical face masks are easy to wear and to tuck into a pocket when you don’t need them. They’re made with soft fabrics to be gentle on your skin, adjustable ear loops for customizable comfort and breathable layers that keep the air flowing. Masks with removable filters help keep things fresh, letting you swap out the inner layer of your mask to wash it.

Tube-style multifunctional neckwear offers an alternative to the over-ear style. Though they aren’t specifically designed to prevent the spread of droplets, they work great in a pinch and offer high versatility. Wear it as a neck warmer and pull it up to cover your mouth and nose when you enter a crowded area.

If you’re going to be outside with your mask, keep an eye out for options in either style that offer UPF protection, giving your skin an extra layer of defense from the sun.