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Whistles for communication and safety outdoors

Whether you’re in the bush or on the water, a whistle is an invaluable safety tool to keep on hand. Simple and compact, these little powerhouses are capable of outputting over 100 dB of sound using nothing more than the air in your lungs. This makes them not only louder than yelling – way louder – but also way more sustainable when you’re trying to get attention outdoors.

Fox 40 whistles are a favourite among outdoor enthusiasts. With bright, eye-catching colours that are easy to spot when you’re in a hurry, these whistles come in an array of shapes and sizes to make sure you’ve got the right one for your purposes. A smaller, flatter whistle design takes up less space and won’t poke and prod you as much. A larger, more rounded whistle will produce a louder tone that travels farther, making it great for covering large bodies of water or remote destinations.

For the added security of a whistle that can’t be jammed or overblown, look for options with a pealess design. And no matter where you’re taking your whistle, a lanyard or wrist coil will ensure your whistle is exactly where you need it to be when you reach for it.