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Stay prepared with first aid kits

Anything can happen in the outdoors, so make sure a first aid kit is at the top of your packing list.

Kits that are ready when you are

Pre-packed first aid kits are teeming with all the essentials like wound care, blister remedies, and tools to stop bleeding quickly. There’s even a spot for packing your own medicine cabinet. Each kit lets you know how many people and how long of a trip it can support, ranging from single-person first aid kits for solo trips and ultralight packing to guide kits for multi-week adventures with a group of friends.

DIY first aid kits

If you’re looking for a kit that has exactly what you want to bring with no extras weighing you down – first aid bags are ready for you to fill up. Designed to stand out with high visibility red’s and shining reflective logos, these empty kits have lots of pockets and compartments for keeping your own supplies organized. Pick a seam sealed first aid bag so your first aid supplies are ready no matter the weather conditions. Throw in some hand warmers and an emergency blanket just in case the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Shop first aid supplies to pack your own kit or top up a first aid kit that’s seen a few trips.