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DIY first aid kits with first aid supplies

Pre-packed first aid kits have all the safety essentials you need, but for your next adventure you may want to pack more or less items, make a unique combo of your first aid supplies or top up on any supplies you used on your last trip.

To pack your own first aid kit, first pick up an empty first aid bag. These bags are designed to stand out and be easily recognized in an emergency even if they are hiding in someone’s hiking pack. Some first aid kits even have a window on the side to let you easily see what you need. First aid bags are designed to be waterproof and dustproof, keeping all the contents in working order so you aren’t lacking any supplies during an emergency.

If you’re camping in the warmer months, it’s important to pack tick removers. Brands like LifeSystems offer tick tweezers and handy tick remover cards to stash in your pocket for quick access.

For any season camping, backpacking, ice climbing or portage trips, it’s always a good idea to bring the items that will help you most in unpredictable situations like an emergency poncho, burn and blister dressings, and bandages and splints.