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Fleece sweaters to bundle up against the cold

When you catch a chill, there’s not much that’s more comforting than pulling on a fleece sweater. With their super-soft finish that’s extra plush and cozy against your skin, a good fleece will become a quick favourite when it’s time to reach for your warm clothes.

Fleece offers a number of benefits over other types of sweaters. For one, it’s a lightweight material, making it lower profile than something like wool while offering similar warmth. It’s also flexible and durable, usually made of polyester. Many brands offer fleece made from recycled polyester so you can feel good about reducing your footprint. Fleece is also highly breathable, making it a great option when you want to stay warm without overheating.

With the right jacket and base layers, a fleece sweater makes for a great (and affordable) mid-layer on a colder day. By itself, worn over a t-shirt or even your pyjamas, it’ll keep you cozy and comfy through those chilly mornings or evenings when every bit of warmth is welcome. And for the ultimate cozy outfit, try a pair of fleece pants or sweatpants to match (trust us, the warmth factor is worth the questionable fashion).