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Hoodies and sweaters

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Hoodies and sweaters

For a cozy night in or a chilly day out, nothing beats the comfort of your favourite hoodie or sweater. Whether you prefer a pullover, zipper or a little bit of both, your new favourite is just around the corner.

Sweaters are a simple classic: a warm layer to throw on over a t-shirt or under a jacket. They come in a variety of materials and weights so you can find just the right amount of warmth for your needs (and as much neck coverage as you want).

Hoodies bring that extra bit of comfort and coziness to your outfit. With all the benefits of a sweater plus a hood for when your ears are getting cold, you can bundle right up wherever you are – even if you forgot to pack a toque.

Check out options like UPF protection or windproofing to make sure you’re prepared for surprises in the weather. And if you want to be extra sure? Layer up with the right jacket for extra warmth and protection, and you’ll be ready for anything.