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Bike saddles and seat posts to keep you comfy while you ride

Everybody knows how it feels to ride with an uncomfortable bike seat. Whether it’s the wrong height or the padding isn’t to your liking, the wrong seat can make or break your cycling experience. Choosing a comfortable bike saddle and seat post can keep you focusing on the trails ahead.

A good seat needs a good support system. Bike seat posts are what will keep you where you want to be while you ride. Find a sturdy bike seat post that fits your bike and gets your seat right where you need it to pedal comfortably – trust us, you’ll notice the difference.

Bike seats and saddles are the core of your cycling comfort. This can be up to personal preference, so try to get a sense of what shape and style of saddle you’re looking for when you ride. Seat covers can add a bit of extra padding to those extra long days, so don’t be shy – your backside will thank you.