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Saddle up

The quickest solution to finding comfort on your bike is by getting the right saddle for yourself. Bike seats vary based on riding style, intended use, and level of comfort.

Road cycling saddles have a slimmer lightweight build that is built for aerodynamic purposes. If you’re a rider who is looking to decrease the weight of your bike to achieve higher speeds than a road style saddle is more ideal for you.

On the other hand, mountain bike saddles have a wider build and are built with more protective materials that help with fall damage and surface rubbing. Additionally, the seats also have more cushion to protect against the constant vibration of the trail.

Lastly, commuter/hybrid saddles have the widest profile and the most comfort orientated build out of all the saddles. They are designed for riders who are in an upright position and are seeking comfort.

Finding the right bike seat that fits you is important. It can enhance your riding experience to places of comfort you have never experienced before. Speak to a MEC advisor in store or over the phone to help you find the right saddle.