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Choosing the right wheel

Let's take a moment to appreciate one of humanity's greatest inventions—the wheel. It gave us cars, wagons, strollers, rollable luggage and of course the bicycle. Without wheels there’s no movement, and no movement means no adventures.

Whether you’re picking up bike wheels to restore an old frame, replace a wheel that got destroyed after a dirt jump session or getting a fresh new carbon wheelset that makes your bike more aerodynamic, there are a couple of things to consider:

  • Will the wheel fit your bike frame without any clearance issues? You don't want a wonky setup.
  • Are you looking for a front wheel or a rear wheel? Know what you need, so you can roll smoothly.
  • Consider your brakes—make sure the wheel you choose is compatible with the braking system on your bike. Safety first!
  • Think about your riding style. Are you an adrenaline junkie hitting dirt jumps or more of a smooth cruiser? Pick a wheel that matches your bike type and how you plan to use it.

Once you've asked yourself these questions, finding the perfect wheel becomes a breeze. If you've got more burning questions about bike wheels, swing by your local MEC bike shop to chat with our helpful advisors.