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Radios and headphones

Radios and headphones to stay in touch off the grid

Even when you’ve left most technology behind, it can be nice to have a few tools on hand when it comes to communication and recreation. Radios and headphones are two types of audio devices you might find yourself wanting in the backcountry or at the cottage, so check out our selection to make sure you’re geared up.

Two-way radios or walkie talkies are a great solution to staying in touch when you’re camping with a group. Going for a solo hike or splitting up the group for a while? A set of two-way radios will let you stay in contact. It’s a great safety measure to have available. Plus, it’s fun – sure, you don’t need to end every call with “over”, but it certainly feels more authentic if you do.

Headphones and speakers can bring music to whatever trip you find yourself on. Bluetooth options give you flexibility in how you use your devices, letting you connect to your phone or whatever other devices you have on hand. Keep an eye out for weatherproof options that’ll stand up against a bit of rain and dirt, and you’ll be all set with the tunes of your choice.