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Uptempo beats to hit your next running PB to

There’s lots to listen to when you’re keeping active — music, audiobooks, podcasts. No matter your preference, find a reliable pair of headphones or a beefy portable speaker to get audio from your phone or computer to your ears.

A soundtrack for your inner monologue

Headphones are a workout booster for some and a must-have for many. Having tunes in your ears means you can match your pace to the tempo of your favourite song or improve your mood when you’re starting to feel the burn.

Bone conduction headphones like Shokz send sound vibrations straight to your inner ear, keeping your ear canals free so you can hear what’s going on around you while you exercise. Bluetooth compatibility means you can say goodbye to getting tangled up in pesky earbud wires when you’re hitting your stride.

Play your music out loud

When you’re hanging around the campsite with friends or whipping up dinner at the cabin, a speaker can help set the right mood. Check out rugged Bluetooth speakers from Ultimate Ears to be the soundscape provider on your next canoe outing or bouldering trip.

Plus, they’re waterproof, so accidentally knocking your speaker in the waves should only send you into a mild case of heart-stopping panic.

Once you’ve settled on a speaker or pair of headphones that checks all your boxes, pair it with an activity & fitness tracker for a seamless workout experience.