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Solar chargers and portable power for flexible electricity away from home

Setting out for a camping trip or a weekend at the cottage? If you’re looking for a little backup power for your devices or just want to dabble in renewable energy, solar chargers and portable power options are the place to start.

Portable solar panels let you harness the power of the sun… at least in a small way. Set one up in a sunny part of your campsite and it’s easy to keep your devices powered. Pair it with a compatible power bank for a long-lasting power option, even when the sun isn’t out.

For a reliable source of power for your devices, make sure to bring a portable charger or power bank along for the trip. In addition to the option of pairing with a compatible solar panel, most can be charged normally at home before you hit the road.

Adapters are your best friend when you go travelling. Make sure to do some research before you leave – if your charging cables aren’t compatible with the local power outlets, you might need an adapter to get through your trip.

Finally, 12-volt socket chargers offer a selection of chargers for a variety of devices and batteries.