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Portable solar panels to take electricity wherever you go

Looking to bring the grid with you when you head out camping? Portable solar panels give you the option to set up and generate your own electricity no matter where you pitch your tent. Keep your devices going so you can enjoy light, music and the guidance of your GPS without stressing about extra batteries.

Most portable solar panels offer USB connections so you can plug your devices directly into the panel to charge – all you need is the right charging cable to bring along. If you’re worried about having enough hours of sunshine, keep an eye out for portable solar panels that include a power bank. And for those that don’t, pick up a compatible power bank to bridge the gap in any weather.

For more essentials that’ll help your campsite feel like a home away from home, check out headlights, lanterns and flashlights to keep things illuminated. And don’t forget the camp furniture – the right tables and chairs will get you settled in no time.