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Portable chargers and power banks for battery life on the go

There’s nothing worse than when your battery dies at a critical moment. Whether you need to charge your phone, your e-reader, your walkie-talkie or your GPS, portable chargers and power banks will keep you topped up and powered when you need it most.

On the heavy-duty end, portable power stations are built to address all kinds of electricity needs. Charge one up before you leave home and you can use it to charge your devices, power your lights and more for days at a time. Use it to juice up your rechargeable batteries for those devices that don’t have a charging cable. Keep your power bank running even longer or just top it up a little with a compatible portable solar panel, and you’ll be all set for those longer trips.

Looking for something a little more lightweight? Pocket-sized power banks and portable chargers offer a convenient solution when you’re on the go for long days. They’re great for charging your phone or camera when a wall socket isn’t an option and some will even get you through multiple charge cycles. Keep an eye out for extra features like built-in flashlights and hand-warming capabilities.