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GPS options to explore the world

GPS (Global Positioning System) technology is now in all sorts of gadgets, from your phone to teched-out watches. MEC has GPS devices for hikers, cyclists, runners, swimmers – really, anyone who wants to get outside. There are lots of options, depending on your activities and budget.

If you want to navigate in the backcountry, you can choose from a handheld GPS or a GPS watch. Simple GPS tracks your route with a digital “bread crumb” trail and navigates you as the crow flies. More advanced units have detailed maps, altimeters, barometers and more. Many brands have free apps and software to plan your trip from on your computer, tablet or phone, and then synch your plans to your device.

Wearable GPS devices

If you’re looking for wearable GPS, check out brands like Suunto, Garmin and Coros. You’ll find plenty to choose from, whether you’re looking for a simple activity tracker that can help improve your fitness or a “do it all” watch like the Garmin Fenix line. Many have optical heart rate monitors (to track heart rate from your wrist) and pair with your phone. Check out tips on how to choose a fitness watch for features to look for.