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Running shoes

New kicks for pine needle floors and paved kilometres.

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Looking for running shoes?

When you’re trying to choose running shoes, think about the the terrain you'll be running on. If you prefer running on trails, trail running shoes have deep tread for better traction on uneven surfaces. If you prefer running on sidewalks, road running shoes have cushioning to help absorb impact on longer runs. Many runners find it a good idea to have more than one pair of shoes, especially for running on varied terrain – it helps keep you excited about running and can extend the life of your shoes.

Round out your running kit

Your running clothes should be breathable and moisture-wicking to help prevent overheating and chafing. For longer runs, a hydration vest or waistbelt can be useful to carry keys, your phone and snacks. On mountain trails, a vest or running pack can also carry your first aid kit, extra layers and poles.

To track training and performance, invest in tech like GPS watches and fitness trackers from Coros and Garmin. You can monitor stats like heart rate, sleep and distance. Fitness watches can help you stay on track with map features and even training tips. Read more in our article about how to choose a fitness watch or fitness tracker.