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Shoulder bags, slings and waist packs

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    Shoulder bags, slings and waist packs to keep the essentials close

    When a backpack is too much and your pockets aren’t quite enough, reach for something a little more low-profile. Shoulder bags, slings and waist packs are the solution to your small-scale packing needs – plus they look good in the process.

    Fanny packs and waist packs offer a great balance of convenience, style and comfort. With space to keep your essentials (and a couple snacks) at your fingertips, they stay out of the way while you go about your business, but are within easy reach when you need something. They can be worn cross-body as well as around your waist.

    Sling packs sit on one strap across your body for a more casual option than a full backpack. They’re quick to pull on and off and can be worn on your back for long-term comfort or your front for ease of access. Ranging from small to moderate in size, there’s a sling pack for every adventure.

    Shoulder bags, purses and messenger bags are easy to take on and off and come in a variety of sizes. This wide umbrella covers tiny bags perfect for carrying nothing but the essentials all the way to full-sized totes for taking everything you need – and maybe a couple extras, just in case.