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Great gear for guzzling

Getting in your daily recommended H2O is important and carrying it on your back is just about the most efficient way to do it. If that sounds like your ideal hydro setup, you’re in the right place.

When your hands are preoccupied with important things like walking the dog, operating your activity tracker or minding the brakes on your bike, a hydration bladder is your ticket to easy, hassle-free replenishment. Hydration reservoirs and accessories come in a variety of sizes suited to many different configurations, so you can have access to a steady supply no matter what your setup looks like.

Filter-compatible for backcountry roving

If you plan on spending time out on the trails and need to treat your water before you drink it, good news — water filter compatible reservoirs let you filter your water directly into its convenient container. Hydration packs are a great way to keep your hands free at the trailhead for GPS navigation or taking a picture of the view from the top.

Hydration for any situation

Many hydration systems are designed for a multitude of specific outdoor activities. Day hiking and backpacking hydration systems prioritize durability and flexibility, while hydration packs and bladders for running or cycling are super lightweight and distribute the load evenly across your back. Take a look around to find the best sipping solution for you.