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Avalanche beacons

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What are avalanche beacons?

When you are adventuring into avalanche-prone areas, it's important to equip yourself with an avalanche beacon especially if you are a backcountry skier, hiker, or split boarder. Avalanche beacons help in locating and rescuing people buried by an avalanche.

Avalanche beacons transmit a signal to other beacons in the area. The beacons have a digital display that provides real-time feedback and navigation. Avalanche beacons have a strong receiver that can cover a ton of range, to help reduce search times when every second matters. When you switch the beacon to search mode, it guides you with signals pointing to the location of a buried individual.

Even though avalanche beacons are compact and versatile, they're built to be tough as nails. Avalanche beacons are designed to withstand even the harshest conditions, such as extreme temperatures and impact from falls.

Practicing proper backcountry safety is important even to the most experienced enthusiast. Equipping yourself with proper backcountry safety gear provides you with safety and peace of mind. Check out this article on avalanche safety gear and training to learn more on backcountry safety.