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Avalanche probes to prepare for an emergency

On any trip into avalanche territory, it’s absolutely vital to be prepared with the proper safety equipment. Avalanche probes are just one part of your kit, so ensuring that everyone in your group has one is an important step towards being prepared.

An avalanche probe is a tool to help find the exact location of someone who’s been buried by an avalanche. Sturdy construction and sharp tips help them stand up to rough conditions and tightly packed snow. With a variety of length options available, make sure you know what kinds of snow conditions you’re heading into. While most range from 240 – 300cm, longer options are available for places with a deep snowpack.

Avalanche probes works in conjunction with avalanche beacons and avalanche shovels – the three of them together can help you find a buried person in the snow and dig them out. Our article on avalanche safety gear and training is a great place to start if you’re looking to learn more about how to use these tools and where to get more information. Make sure you’ve got a solid understanding of how they work and get some practice in before heading out.

For more options on staying safe in the backcountry, check out our full selection of avalanche safety gear.