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Ski skin accessories

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Ski skin accessories to keep your gear in top shape

When you’re relying on your climbing skins to get you through a long day of touring, you want to make sure they’re performing the way they’re supposed to. Like any other gear, they can wear down over time, but before replacing your skins, check out ski skin accessories that can help extend their life.

Ski skin accessories vary from carrying bags to replacement parts. Caring for your skins properly is the first step to ensuring they last, so check out the options like wax and other maintenance tools that’ll help keep them in one piece and performing their best as long as possible.

If something does happen, don’t worry – you’ve got repair options at your fingertips to get your climbing skins back in working condition for your next trip. Replacement parts like new tips to replace worn out originals are a great way to give your skins new life without buying a whole new set.

Doing a final check before you head out? Take a look at our ski touring checklist for guidance on all the gear you’ll need.