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Ski gloves and mittens

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Keep warm with the right gloves or mittens

When you're shredding the slopes, the last thing you want is frozen fingers. Make sure your gloves or mittens are warm enough to keep you comfortable on the slopes and focused on your skiing.

If you need dexterity, you’ll want a pair of gloves. Ski gloves are packed with insulation and protected with padding and DWR coating. Look for additional features like nose wipers, touch screen compatability, wrist straps and collar cinches to keep the snow out. Ski gloves can also be used for other non-skiing activities too, like shoveling or playing in snow.

If warmth is your number one priority, you’ll want a pair of mittens. Mittens trap warmth by keeping your fingers snug together and reducing the amount of escaping body heat. They aren’t as dexterous as gloves but will allow you to hold your ski poles.

If your gloves or mittens feel a little thin, add a compatible liner for some extra insulation and protection if you need to throw your gloves or mittens off at any moment. And hey, while you're at it, make sure to match your handwear with your insulated jacket, snowpants, boots, and beanie to rock that comfort and style on the mountain. Ride on.