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Canoeing supplies for your trips on the lake or river

From a leisurely paddle on the lake to high-intensity multi-day portage trips, canoeing offers unforgettable experiences for every level of expertise. A canoe can be paddled by one person or more (often two), so you’ve got the option to set out for a solo trip or take a couple friends along for the ride. Make sure to pack canoe paddles for everyone to split the load and PFDs for extra security – you’ll thank us later.

For those times when things don’t go according to plan, having a couple dry bags for your essentials will make sure you don’t get stuck with a soaked map or a fried cell phone. For bigger items, a portage bag or gear barrel are what you’re looking for. The portage bag keeps the water out and fits all your gear, while the gear barrel makes for a perfect mobile pantry for those longer expeditions, protecting your food from the bumps and dings of the outside world.

For a touch more comfort and convenience in your canoe, check out canoe accessories for options like padded seats and knee pads. And to make the portage a bit easier when the walk seems daunting, grab a portage cart and save your energy for paddling.