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GPS navigation devices, compasses and maps to point you in the right direction

Whether you’re setting off down a familiar river or carving a new trail, it’s best to have some idea of where you’re going. When your memory isn’t quite enough (even though you swear you saw that same tree last summer), options like GPS navigation devices, compasses and maps are reliable companions for all your marine navigation needs.

Marine and paddling maps are the first place to go when you’re headed into new territory. With a variety of options available depending on the amount of detail you’re looking for, marine and paddling maps will show you the paddling routes in an area and give you a heads up for anything to watch out for. More detailed atlases and guidebooks can offer further information on the region.

If you’re heading out with a map, make sure you’ve got a compass to go with it. It’ll make sure you’re on the right track and that you can follow your map accurately.

To bundle your map and compass into one handy device, check out handheld GPS options. Many models are designed to be used on the water and can help chart your course as well as helping you maintain it. With models that allow you to download your own region-specific maps, you’ll be ready to paddle anywhere.