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Explore underwater with snorkel masks and fins

Dreaming of getting up close with colourful coral reefs or floating with the fish? Snorkel masks let you see and breathe underwater without an oxygen tank and are convenient to pack and carry.

The classic snorkel mask comes with goggles for keeping water out of your eyes and a mouthpiece and snorkel to take in oxygen from above the waterline. Make sure you have an anti-fog spray on hand to keep your mask free of fog.

A full-face snorkel mask is the closest you can get to breathing naturally underwater, it gives you the clearest wide-angle view and have systems to keep your mask fog-free.

Make sure you choose a snorkel mask that fits well. Adjustable elastic head straps let you easily fit the mask to your face, but always make sure the silicon lining creates a comfy seal on your skin to keep water out.

Keep pace with the fish by pairing your snorkel with some fins. Throw in a wetsuit, some water shoes and sun protection and you’re set.