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Kayak clothing

Paddling jackets and bottoms to keep you warm and dry on the water

Gearing up for a chilly morning paddle? The trunks and sun shirt won’t always cut it in cold weather or cold waters, and that’s where paddling jackets and bottoms come in. They’re a heavier option that’ll keep you warm and dry, so you can be comfortable paddling no matter the weather.

Paddling bottoms are a great option for cold weather or especially wet days. Neoprene pants are a popular choice for their warmth retention in wet conditions, and other options include UV protection and waterproof-breathable layers (like your favourite rain jacket). Paddling bottoms are also designed to allow for a high degree of mobility, so you don’t need to worry about being held back by your clothes.

Paddling jackets and tops are made with paddlers in mind. With similar waterproof-breathable construction as many rain jackets, where they differ is in details like built-in skirts and self-draining pockets to carry essentials. Whether you’re paddling in the rain or through the rapids, they’re built to keep you warm and dry for the whole trip, all without weighing you down or interfering with your paddling.