Ghost Cagua bike review

Full season: Ghost Cagua bike review

I’ve had a fantastic season on my Cagua series Ghost Bike, riding quite aggressively in multiple disciplines. It’s been incredibly capable of handling whatever I’ve asked of it – everything from all-day XC epics to steep and gnarly North Shore descents.

Using four bar linkage suspension, the Cagua is made to be an efficient pedaling machine. I found it had limited pedal bob on climbs, but that didn’t take away from how it handled downhill. It maintained a supple and active rear end on descents, and geometry wise, the 67° head tube angle boosted confidence on steep, technical lines.

Ghost Cagua bike review

The aluminum Cagua 6540 is the entry-level model to the Ghost Bikes enduro category of bikes, and uses 155mm of travel for an all-encompassing ride. The 6540 is spec’d with a Shimano drivetrain, mostly consisting of XT and SLX level components. Ghost has subbed in XT components for more important shifting pieces to keep the drivetrain as solid as possible at the price point. The brake system is Shimano SLX, which has become a benchmark for what should be expected from 2-piston brakes. To keep braking power optimal without adding extra weight, it uses a 203mm front rotor and a 180mm rear instead of stocking dual 203mm rotors.

Perhaps one of the greatest inventions for the modern mountain bike, dropper posts have become almost a necessity for aggressive riding. The Cagua 6540 comes stock with the X-fusion Hilo post, which gives you 125mm of adjustability, and is another confidence-inspiring component that doesn’t require aftermarket purchase.

Ghost Cagua bike review

Wheel size is a much debated concept, but what really matters is what is going to work for you and your riding style. The Cagua series uses 650B wheels, and has developed the frame geometry to accurately complement the wheel size. 650B has recently grown in popularity due to some of its advantages including lower rolling resistance, better traction, and an overall smoother feeling ride.

Over the past season, my Cagua series bike performed solidly with all I’ve thrown at it. For the price-point, the 6540 gets you into the Cagua line-up with a mid- to high-end component spec, and is an awesome way to get hooked on mountain biking.

Ghost Cagua bike review

Photos: Mike Savage

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