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Dirt Search: who won the grant gold

We’re pumped to announce the winners of the MEC Dirt Search. Each winning organization receives $10,000 for trail improvement, and they have some big things planned.

Winner – Western Canada

 Revelstoke Cycling Association in British Columbia with 2,748 votes.

What they’ll do with $10K:

Frisby Trail Stewardship Upgrades. Our high alpine Frisby Ridge XC trail is our most popular trail with both locals and tourists alike. It sees a ton of traffic, and definitely had some wear and tear last fall in the wet weather. This will really help our efforts towards the long term sustainability of this important trail.

Ben Shaw and Matt Yaki, Revelstoke, BC

Winner – Eastern Canada

Simcoe County Mountain Bike Association in Ontario with 4,477 votes.

What they’ll do with $10K:

Maintain, improve and expand our existing 100km network of single track, expand our flow trail, and improve signage for better access.

Overall, the MEC Dirt Search received over 24,000 votes, which kind of blew us away. Thank you to everyone who voted, spread the word, and showed some love for their favourite spots to ride.

Want to know how your community can get trail building support?

If your local riding association wasn’t featured or didn’t come out on top in the Dirt Search, we’ve got good news: this contest is just one way that MEC funds projects. Check out the types of projects we support and how to apply for grants through our Community Contributions program.

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