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30+ years of Toaster Suit coziness

August 24, 2023

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The MEC Toaster Suit first showed up in our catalogue in 1992 – yep, more than 30 years ago. Ever since then, the Toaster Suit has been a huge hit with parents and kiddos alike. So much so, that it almost always sells out (hint: that’s why we start talking about it in August).

One of our all-time favourite designs, this year’s version is easily our best yet. Here’s why parents have loved it for more than three decades, and why it’s good to get your hands on one before the mercury drops.

Above: The Toaster Suit has gone through many evolutions over the years, along with plenty of colours and prints. Today’s versions are made with bluesign®-approved fabrics, which means a reduced environmental footprint.

They’re hand-me-down ready

We’ve heard it countless times since 1992 — Toaster Suits are legendary for their hand-me-down durability. Case in point: one MEC staffer told us she’s bought three Toaster Suits over the years for her son, and they held together so well that she was able to hand them down to her daughter… and then along to her nephew.

Over the years, we’ve made it even more durable. Redesigned and updated based on member feedback, Toaster Suits are waterproof and tougher than ever. Toast on!

“We have two of these suits and they’re awesome! Washed and worn endlessly over two years and still perfect. I only wish they came in bigger sizes.” – review from Liz888

They prevent tantrums

Few things are worse than “trying to get out the front door” tantrums. That’s why we’ve improved the Toaster Suit again and again over 30+ years to make it super easy to put on and take off. Your kid steps in, you zip it up, and voilá – they’re ready for snow. It’s even easy for kiddos to put on themselves before recess or at daycare. So, rest easy — they’ll always be cozy.

“This is the fourth winter with the MEC one piece snowsuit and we absolutely love them! My son is now in kindergarten and he find it’s quick and easy to take on and off independently.” – review from Momofboys

They stay warm and waterproof

With 300g of MEC Hyperloft insulation, the Toaster Suit just might be the coziest kids’ snowsuit out there. And it's waterproof-breathable too. That means kiddos can brave slushy, wet snow without getting soaked, cold and bummed out. Snow fort architects, toboggan pros, or recess rascals, the Toaster keeps the snowy good times rolling even when the going gets really, really cold.

“True to its name, it’s toasty warm even below -30C. My kids are now all approaching 20 and they still dream of the times they spent out in the winter wonderland on our acreage in Edmonton wearing these suits.” – review from CKP

Two kids wearing MEC Toaster Suits, one is big and one is little

There are clever details

Remember when powdery snow or slush would creep up your pantleg as a kid? If you don’t, your kiddo will remind you. To prevent dreaded slush and powder leaks, the Toaster features a foot cuff liner.

And because we want every Toaster Suit to keep them warm season after season, we included a grow hem. The grow hem lets you undo a line of stitching at the ankle, allowing for a longer pant leg when the time comes. Neat, right?

“We put our three kids through these suits. Outstanding. It was worn under Halloween costumes, in strollers, playing in the park and at daycare. One suit was worn by all three, and still solid enough to be handed down…” – review from Denis

Snowsuits are just the beginning...

With Toaster Suit being such a huge hit, the Toaster name now spans an entire collection of winter go-tos. Gloves, snow pants, parkas, hats and more – the entire range is purpose-built to keep kids cozy and happy as clams.

For new parents (and parents-to-be), check out the Toaster Bunting Suit. Just as warm and insulated as the Toaster Suit, it keeps infants warm, even if they aren’t wriggling around quite yet.

Two kids wearing green Toaster Suits, both are smiling

But it’s August... why talk Toaster Suits now?

It might seem a bit weird to talk about snowsuits before there’s even a hint of snow in the forecast. Thing is, Toaster Suits sell out fast – especially when the temperatures really start to dip.

Our advice? Get your hands on the colour and sizes you’ll need now – and before things get chilly. The last thing you want is to run around looking for that right size when the first October snow drops. And you can let them pick their favorite colour, too.

Whatever you need to keep them warm this winter, the Toaster Collection has you and (most importantly) them covered. Stay toasty out there.

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