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The ultimate kids’ snowsuit

Long before I became a mom – or even thought about becoming a mom – heaps of parents across Canada discovered what I was about discover many years later: the MEC Toaster Suit.

This little suit first appeared on the pages in the MEC winter catalogue back in the early 1990s, and toddlers, kids and parents have been loving it ever since. That means it’s been going strong for over 25 years (!).

The Toaster Suit has gone through many evolutions over the years, along with plenty of colours and prints. Today’s versions are made with bluesign®-approved fabrics, which means a reduced environmental footprint.

For the last nine of those twenty-five years, I’ve been lucky enough to be a mom to two kids who are wild animals at heart. When it snows, they’re all about tobogganing, building snow jumps to huck themselves over, and digging snow caves at the park.

My son basically lived in a Toaster Suit in winter between the ages of two and six, and this will be the last winter in one for my daughter since she’ll outgrow the last size soon. I’ve heard other parents say it, and I totally agree: I wish they came in grown-up sizes.

My daughter calls her Toaster Suit her “sleeping bag jacket” and gets so happy when it comes out of storage at the beginning of the winter season.

What parents will love about Toaster Suits

Adorable kid smiling in MEC Toaster Suit

What’s made the Toaster Suit a hit with kids and parents for more than two decades? Here are my favourite reasons, along with reviews from other members:


I’ve bought three Toaster Suits over the years for my son, and they held together so well that I was able to hand them down to my daughter… and then we passed them along to our nephew. Last year, the Toaster Suit went through a redesign based on member feedback, and it’s now waterproof and tougher than ever.

“We have two of these suits and they’re awesome! Washed and worn endlessly over two years and still perfect. I only wish they came in bigger sizes.” – review from Liz888

Easy to put on

Your kid steps in, you zip it up, and voilá! Ready to play. It’s great for daycares where kids have outside time and you need something that you know is easy to get on and will keep them warm.

“This is the fourth winter with the MEC one piece snowsuit and we absolutely love them! My son is now in kindergarten and he find it’s quick and easy to take on and off independently.” – review from Momofboys

Yep, they’re toasty

With 300g of insulation, this is one of the coziest snowsuits out there. My kids buried each other in piles of slushy, wet snow and stayed dry in these suits. They’ve stayed cozy when we’ve sat outside for hours in the freezing cold at the Christmas train, and when they’re tobogganing the hills by our house to the point where I have to bribe them to come inside.

“True to its name, it’s toasty warm even below -30C. My kids are now all approaching 20 and they still dream of the times they spent out in the winter wonderland on our acreage in Edmonton wearing these suits.” – review from CKP

Clever details

Two nice features are the foot cuff liner, which stops snow or slush from getting up inside their pant legs, and the grow hem, which lets you undo a line of stitching at the ankle to accommodate growing kids.

“We put our three kids through these suits. Outstanding. It was worn under Halloween costumes, in strollers, playing in the park and at daycare. One suit was worn by all three, and still solid enough to be handed down…” – review from Denis

Why talk Toaster Suits now?

While it might seem a little weird to be talking about snowsuits before there’s any hint of snow in the forecast, now’s actually the best time to start poking around for winter layers for your kids. There are still plenty of sizes left, so you won’t be left desperately searching for a size 4 when an October snowstorm hits, and you get the best pick of colours and prints too.

If you know any new parents or parents-to-be, I’d highly recommend the Toaster Bunting Suit as a great gift. The infant ones are awesome for winter when babies don’t really move around much but need to stay warm.

Whatever ways you and your kids get outside this winter, have fun out there!

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