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Arc’teryx Procline ski boot service notice

Arc’teryx Procline ski boots purchased from MEC after early November, 2015, require inspection and may require a repair performed by Arc’teryx.

According to Arc’teryx, “In a small number of boots, it has been reported that the axis pin has dislodged, which may cause the skier to lose control or fall and suffer injuries. If your boot does not have a coloured dot on the inside of the spoiler, then it is part of the recall.” Although Arc’teryx has not received any reports of injuries, they will provide a warranty repair to faulty Procline boots to ensure the products perform to its specifications.

For more info

For details including photos of where to check for the coloured dot on your boots, visit the Arc’teryx recall page. If your boots are affected, please immediately stop using them and complete the Arc’teryx warranty form available from their recall page. You can also refer to an FAQ from Arc’teryx or contact our Service Centre at or 1.888.847.0770 (ask for Returns). We can check your purchase history and confirm if your product is affected.