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BOB B-Safe 35 infant car seat (June 2017)

The BOB B-Safe 35 infant car seats is subject to a recall and requires inspection. Although no injuries have been reported, the manufacturer issued a recall of the chest clip on certain models.

The manufacturer, Britax Child Safety, Inc., has “determined that the center tab on the chest clip can break, presenting a choking hazard to an infant in the car seat.”

If your infant car seat is model number E9LT54A, E9LT54C, or E9LT55X5 and it was manufactured between November 1, 2015 and May 31, 2017, you should inspect the centre tab of the chest clip for cracks. The Date of Manufacture label is on the back of the car seat shell. Several other models of Britax infant car seats are affected by this recall. However, MEC only sold the BOB B-Safe 35.

For info and replacements

Replacement chest clips are only available from the manufacturer. They have not been provided to MEC. For more information, and to get a new chest clip sent to you, please see the Britax chest clip recall page.

If you’re uncertain about which BOB product you own, contact our Service Centre at or 1.888.847.0770 (ask for Returns). We can check your purchase history and confirm if your product is affected.