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Detours bike panniers, specific models

Some Detours bicycle panniers may need a part upgrade for the clips that attach it to a bike rack. Detours recently determined that the clips on certain models and colours may break due to a manufacturing issue, and they have replacement parts available to fix the problem.

The following Detours panniers from their 2015 production run may have clips that need replacing:

  • Ballard Market Pannier (Black, Teal)
  • Fremonster Flap Pannier (Teal, Black, and Classic)
  • Toocan 2.0 Pannier (Black, Gray)
  • Interlaken Pannier Set (Black, Gray)

To determine if your pannier is affected, please inspect the label inside the top of the bag. If the label shows either #246821-00 or #246835-00, it is subject to the recall and should be returned to MEC for a free repair. Just bring your pannier to your nearest MEC store and we’ll replace the clips on the spot.

For more info

For more details, or if it’s not possible to come to an MEC store for a replacement, please contact MEC’s Service Centre at or 1.888.847.0770 (ask for Returns). If you’re uncertain about which Detours pannier you have, we can also check your purchase history and confirm if your pannier may be affected.