Elections and nominations


MEC is Canada’s go-to place for outdoor gear, know-how and inspiration: a large retail cooperative with over 5 million members in Canada, $455 million in annual revenue, a global supply chain, 2,666 employees, 23 stores across Canada, and a gear-packed website.

As a retail co-op, MEC is owned by its members and is governed by a nine-member Board of Directors elected by the membership. Our goal is strong and balanced leadership, and our nominations process helps us get there.


MEC is looking for candidates who have significant experience in areas relevant to MEC’s business. This needs to be coupled with a deep commitment to MEC’s values and purpose, to inspire and enable all Canadians to enjoy active outdoor lifestyles. Candidates will ideally be able to contribute insight and innovation at the board table, provide diversity of thought and experiences, and demonstrate an understanding of governance norms.

MEC is a complex and growing organization that is committed to improving its diversity and inclusion efforts. Though we recognize diversity encompasses many facets, we are actively working to maintain a gender balance on our Board, as well as increase our cultural diversity.

To be eligible as a candidate, you must meet the minimum eligibility criteria as outlined in MEC’s bylaws. These include being a member of MEC for at least three years and having voted in the 2017 or 2018 MEC Board of Directors elections.

We aim to recommend candidates who:

  • Have experience at a senior governance or executive level of a business of similar or greater complexity to MEC,
  • Have experience leading a large organization undergoing significant growth and change, and/ or
  • Have broad retail or consumer-oriented experience in diverse sectors.

To increase the diversity of skills and perspectives on the Board, we are particularly looking for:

  • Candidates who come from ethnic and cultural groups not currently represented on the Board, and/or
  • Candidates from Alberta, Ontario and Quebec.


To build a firm foundation for corporate governance, it is imperative to regularly review the composition of our Board of Directors to ensure it is made up of committed individuals who collectively have the required characteristics, skills, experience and leadership abilities required to carry out the roles and responsibilities of the Board.

In 2019, we are changing our approach to the recruitment and recommendation process.

We have heard your feedback and know that cultural diversity on the board level is important to you, our members. We too recognize the benefits. Bringing a variety of thoughts and experiences to the boardroom is critical for improved governance, greater innovation, deeper insight and better decision-making.

Increasing diversity on the board, however, doesn’t happen overnight. It requires a commitment to shifting the way we think about board recruitment and selection.

In past years we have not achieved significant change in effectively reaching candidates from diverse ethnic and cultural groups, despite stating our diversity aims in our nomination criteria. This year, our Nominations Committee will work together with WATSON Advisors Inc., our independent election consultant, to actively recruit individuals to be recommended candidates.

Actively recruiting recommended candidates allows the Board to find great candidates who share MEC’s values and can contribute their wisdom and experience – but who might not have traditionally put themselves forward for election. The Board will be able to indicate to members which candidates it feels would be able to contribute to the overall composition and abilities of the Board most effectively. Members, however, will be able to choose between all eligible candidates on the ballot.

Call for nominations

Our call for nominations for the 2019 election is now open. It closes on January 11, 2019, at noon, Pacific Time.

Key Dates
Call for nominations begins October 9, 2018
Deadline to submit nominations and acceptance of nomination January 11, 2019
Screening process including interviews and Nomination Committee and Board review December, 2018  – January 2019
Nominees confirmed as candidates February, 2019
2019 Election begins April 25, 2019
2019 Election finishes May 23, 2019
2019 AGM June 20, 2019



The following documents have all the information you need to submit your application:

All documents must be submitted to the Governance Office at governance@mec.ca by January 11, 2019, at noon, Pacific Time.


Need more information?

If you have questions, please contact the MEC Governance Office at governance@mec.ca or call us at (604) 707-2346.