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Frontiersman Bear Spray Recall follow up communication for bear spray purchased at MEC during or after February 2021

Bear spray with both a yellow spray nozzle and one of the following expiry dates may not discharge: 03/2024 (recently added), 04/2024 (recently added and only affects units sold at MEC), 08/2024, 09/2024, 10/2024, 11/2024 and 12/2024.

If you purchased bear spray from MEC that meets these criteria, please discontinue use immediately and return it to your nearest MEC location for a refund or replacement. Canisters with a white spray nozzle are unaffected regardless of the date range and are safe to use.

The safety of staff and customers is our first priority. Please do not return damaged cans to our retail locations. To prevent accidental discharge, if your can is missing the safety wedge, please let staff know at the time of return. We have replacement safety wedges in store to address this.

MEC anticipates replacement stock will be available in some western locations the week of June 28, 2021 and at remaining locations the following week. All replacement stock has been inspected and tested at the factory prior to shipping. Call your local store for availability.

See the Health Canada recall page for additional information, including pictures of the affected yellow nozzle and of where to find the expiry date, as well as a listing of other bear spray brands affected by this recall. Please note that the 04/2024 expiry date code only affects a lot sold at MEC and does not currently appear in the Health Canada recall despite being affected.

The manufacturer also has additional recall information on their website. Please note that MEC does not recommend testing your bear spray, testing is not required before you make a return.

If you have further questions, please get in touch with our Service Centre at or 1.888.847.0770 (ask for Returns).