Ghost Bikes quick release, specific models

Certain models of Ghost Bicycles may need a part upgrade for the quick release for the front wheel. The issue is that the clearance between the quick release lever (in its most open position) and the disc brake rotor may be less than 6mm, which could cause a safety hazard.

Models of Ghost Bikes that may need this part upgrade are listed below:

Product Number

Ghost-brand bike model

5039-165 Panamao X 6
5039-166 Panamao X 6 Lady
5039-170 Kato 3
5043-730 Kato 4
5039-172 Kato 5
5039-171 Lanao 3
5043-731 Lanao 4
5039-174 Lanao 5
5043-732 Tacana 3
5039-176 Tacana 4
5043-733 Tacana 5

Visit the quick release recall site for information on how to inspect your bike to see if it’s affected by this issue.

If your bike is affected, please contact our Service Centre at or 1.888.847.0770 (ask for Returns) to ask for a free replacement quick release part for your Ghost-brand bike. MEC will send out these new quick release parts once they are available.

In the meantime, please switch your quick release around so the lever is on the opposite side of the disc brake rotor to eliminate the hazard until you get a new quick release.

For more info

If you have questions about how to switch your quick release around, please get in touch with our Service Centre at the contact information above. We can also check your purchase history and confirm if your Ghost Bike may be affected.