MEC Board of Directors

Governance and leadership

In our 40+ years, MEC has grown into a complex organization. But as a democratically owned business, each of us influences its direction.

On behalf of all members, the elected Board  safeguards MEC’s assets and makes decisions to ensure its long-term future. Ultimately, they are responsible for MEC’s strategic direction and overall performance, and by adhering to good governance practices, they ensure MEC can accomplish its future goals and abide by our collective values.

Board members

Nine elected members guide and govern MEC according to our Rules of Co-operation, the BC Co-operative Association Act and governance practices that create the conditions for decision-making that’s consistent, responsive, and accountable.

Ellen Pekeles

Ellen Pekeles – North Vancouver, BC

Serving third term after an initial one-year term: 2017–2020

With twenty one years of executive leadership experience, with 10 years at Vancity, Ellen brings an in-depth knowledge of the co-operative business model to MEC. She also offers senior-level experience in human resources, operations, IT, facilities and environmental management and strategy. Previously a practicing physiotherapist, Ellen holds a Master of Health Administration from University of Ottawa and has held several senior health care roles in health authorities in Alberta and British Columbia. Ellen’s first passion is downhill skiing, but you will also find her hiking, biking, running, swimming and practicing yoga.

Daniel Blanche

Daniel Blanche – Montreal, QC

GC Chair and FAC and TC member
Serving third term: 2018–2021

Daniel’s passion lies in getting Canadians outdoors (and that includes his six children and his wife) and is a former member of the national cycling team. A designated director from the Institute of Corporate Directors, Daniel is a trilingual executive with more than 30 years board and management experience in the tech industry. He is a professional director serving on various boards where technology is a key strategic factor. Daniel believes strongly in MEC’s vision and values and wants all members to share this passion and commitment to their Co-op.

Rob Campbell

Rob Campbell – Richmond, BC

NC Chair and HRCC member
Serving second term: 2016–2019

Rob is a seasoned corporate development professional with experience in organizational transformation, operations, and finance. Rob recently realized a long-term dream of owning a business – Gibbs-Delta. Prior to this, Rob held CFO and other Sr. Executive positions with Brewster Travel Cda, CHC Helicopter, Intrawest Corporation, and Scotia Capital Markets. He holds a degree from Queen’s University, an Executive MBA from Segal School of Business, and is an ICD.D candidate. With a huge passion for the outdoors, Rob is also a graduate of the Yamnuska School of Mountaineering and an Ironman. For “fun” Rob hangs out at his off-the-grid cabin with his family. He is committed to delivering a greater diversity of quality MEC products and services.

Matthew Handford


GC & TC member
Serving first term: 2018-2021

Matthew is an avid outdoor athlete with a particular passion for cycling. He has held executive roles with companies including Westjet and the Forzani Group, and is currently the Senior Vice President, People, at Hootsuite, an innovative global technology company based in Vancouver. He also spent more than 10 years as a founder/co-owner of the specialty bicycle retailer Different Bikes. Matthew holds several degrees from Queen’s University including a Master’s of Industrial Relations. He has contributed to strategy, governance and board planning in many types of organizations including non-profit, public and private. He currently serves on the Board of the Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF). Matthew is committed to inspiring MEC members to lead active lives.

Shawn Mitchell

Shawn Mitchell – Vancouver, BC

GC and NC member
Serving third term: 2016–2019

Shawn is a lifelong backcountry explorer, passionate about the outdoors. He is also passionate about governance and the impact it has on organizations. Shawn has held executive roles in communications, HR, and public affairs with organizations such as WWF and Edelman PR. He is currently the CEO of the Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia. He holds a Masters of Public Administration from Queen’s University as well as the Chartered Director (C.Dir.) designation. Shawn is committed to quality gear and excellent service while minimizing social and environmental impact.

Judi Richardson

Judi Richardson – North Vancouver, BC

HRCC Chair and NC member
Serving second term: 2018-2021

Judi brings over 28 years of start-up, entrepreneurial and corporate experience to her business consulting practice and various Board roles. She has a York University MBA and certification as a Royal Roads University Executive Coach and corporate director through the Institute of Corporate Directors. As a former member of the Canadian National Ski Team, Judi remains an avid skier and also enjoys staying active in the gym and on trails, courts and golf courses. Judi is excited to support MEC’s strategic growth as a values-driven Canadian retail icon.

Kathy Uher

Kathy Uher - Toronto, ON

TC Chair and FAC member
Serving first term: 2016–2019

Kathy brings over 18 years experience leading complex, strategic initiatives and holds an MBA and PMP Designation. In her role as VP in the financial services sector she has accountability for governance, financial management, program delivery and benefits realization for enterprise wide initiatives. Kathy has a passion for the outdoors and enjoys hiking, kayaking, cycling and spending time with friends and family on the lake in cottage country. She is committed to preserving MEC’s core values while supporting growth and encouraging more Canadians to be active and enjoy the outdoors.

Bob Wallis


FAC Chair and HRCC member
Serving first term: 2017-2020

Bob has over 25 years of executive leadership and board experience in various industries, corporate structures and countries. His passion revolves around matching member needs and expectations with creative solutions. He has a degree in Business and Commerce from the University of Alberta and is a member of the Institute of Corporate Directors. He enjoys the outdoors through a variety of activities including fly fishing, cycling, hiking, back country skiing and golfing.

Kathy Weston


FAC, GC and HRCC member
Serving first term: 2017-2020

Kathy brings 25 years of executive retail experience with a track record for delivering impactful growth and transformation strategies. She has led Strategy, Buying & Merchandising, Finance, Operations and Human Resources teams in start-up and high growth retailer companies. Kathy has been a long time MEC member and is passionate about supporting MEC in its focus on delivering exceptional member experiences and future growth. She shares her love of the outdoors with her husband and four children.  Kathy also serves as Vice Chair of University of Toronto Press Board and Chair of their Audit Committee. She holds an Honours Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Toronto and is a Chartered Professional Accountant, CA with an ICD.D designation from the Rotman School of Management.

senior managers

United by their desire to make MEC successful, our senior leaders are tasked with embracing change, seeking out new ideas and finding talented people to keep the Co-op humming.

David Labistour

David Labistour

Chief Executive Officer

David brings both passion for outdoor adventure and extensive retail business experience to MEC. Over the past 25 years he has worked with companies such as Adidas, Marks and Spencer’s affiliate in South Africa, and Aritzia in Canada. David was the first CEO to be hired from within MEC, and in his former capacity as senior manager of Buying and Design he was instrumental in leading the renaissance of MEC-brand products as well as several product sustainability initiatives. David presently sits on the Outdoor Foundation Board and the Outdoor Industry Association Board. A former competitive windsurfer, David takes any opportunity to stay fit by going to Crossfit, backcountry skiing, mountain biking, kite-surfing, and by snowboarding with his two sons.

Nancy Blair

Nancy Blair

Information Technology

Nancy is responsible for MEC’s enterprise-wide IT strategy and operations. She has over 25 years of leadership experience across strategy, transformation and talent. Nancy was a consultant at McKinsey & Company and her own strategy consulting firm, as well as held the senior strategy role at The Antioch Company, a Minnesota based global consumer goods company. Also, she was the Calgary office leader of Egon Zehnder International, one of the world’s leading global executive search firms, where she consulted with Boards and senior leadership teams on talent, succession and team effectiveness. Nancy is passionate about the outdoors and enjoys skiing, biking, kayaking and hiking. Her new favourite outdoor activity is teaching her young son Ethan how to ski.

Jeff Crook

Jeff Crook

Buying and Design

Jeff started at MEC in 1993 and holds a Resource Management degree from the University of Western Ontario. Jeff brings his passion for product and building the MEC brand to the Buying and Design department at MEC, where he has the responsibility for creating, buying, and allocating all the products MEC sells. Jeff is an avid road rider who is passionate about supporting cycling races in the community. He most recently competed in the Whistler Gran Fondo.

Anne Donohoe

Anne Donohoe

Communications and Marketing

Anne is responsible for supporting the continual evolution of the MEC brand as well as ensuring MEC’s marketing communications are authentic and relevant. Anne has more than 15 years’ experience in brand management and customer relationship marketing. Previously, Anne was the Director of Brand Strategy for South East Asia at Interbrand, the world’s largest brand consultancy. Anne also held several senior positions with Intrawest, culminating in Director of Customer Relationship Marketing for the destination resort company. Anne is passionate about exploring new hiking trails around the globe, but is now treasuring her time at home in North Vancouver introducing her two girls to the great outdoors.

Joe Granato

Joe Granato

Chief Supply Chain Officer

Joe is responsible for MEC’s supply chain group including distribution, logistics and inventory management. He has a diverse background in retail, communications, hospitality, and distribution and logistics industries serving private, publicly-traded and non-profit organizations. Before joining the Co-op, Joe was with Earls Restaurant leading human resources, information technology and corporate strategy. Additionally, he worked with Lululemon scaling global retail operations including being accountable for retail change-management, the implementation of RFID, omni-channel, and customer experience innovation. Joe loves being on the water, fly fishing, yoga, strength training, skiing, and hiking.

Alastair Nimmons

Interim Chief Financial Officer

Alastair is responsible for MEC’s Finance and Administration functions. Born in Northern Ireland and educated in Scotland, he is a Chartered Professional Accountant, CA. Alastair brings 25 years of experience in financial management, business transformation, and sustainability. He was formerly a partner with KPMG and has previously served as CFO in retail and in tourism businesses. Alastair is a strong believer in the benefits of fresh air. He is an alumnus of Raleigh International and the BC Bike Race and is an Ironman. In the winter he can be found enjoying the ski slopes with family and friends, in the summer look for him on mountain bike trails.

Nahal Yousefian

Nahal Yousefian

People Experience (PX)

Nahal manages the rich human talent within our Co-op’s stores, head office and distribution centres. She helps ensure that our people possess the attitude, skills and experience to serve our members’ diverse needs. By removing barriers that prevent employees from being engaged and empowered, MEC can better deliver on its purpose. Prior to joining MEC in summer 2017, Nahal was with the multinational retailer Tesco in Prague, where she held several senior human resources roles. Among other points of pride, she was integral to building a service-centric culture among 120,000 employees based in Central Europe and Asia. After living abroad for 20 years, Nahal is delighted to have returned home to Vancouver. Whether it’s running, hiking, yoga or meditation, Nahal likes to get outside as often as she can.

Nicole Watt

Nicole Watt

National Store Operations

Nicole is responsible for all the activities that keep our 23 stores functioning well each day. She has over 20 years of leadership and retail experience, and prior to joining MEC in 2016, Nicole worked with Apple, Home Depot, Mark’s, London Drugs and Opus Hotels. She is an inspirational leader with extensive experience in retail, sales talent assessment, store operations, business planning, and employee and customer satisfaction. Nicole enjoys a variety of outdoor activities and is equally at ease on the trails, paddling on the water and camping.

Board committees, Director and leadership positions

The Board Job Description sets out the scope of its overall responsibility. Individual directors and those in leadership positions, such as our Chair or the Vice-Chair, have job descriptions too.

Board, Director, and leadership job description (PDF)

Finance and Audit Committee (FAC)

This committee oversees financial management, enterprise risk management, and due diligence in the execution of major financial decisions. They oversee financial reporting processes, internal controls and our annual external audit service engagement, process and results.

Members of the 2018-2019 FAC are: Bob Wallis (Chair), Daniel Blanche, Kathy Uher and Kathy Weston.

FAC job description (PDF)

Human Resources and Compensation Committee (HRCC)

This committee supports the Board’s mandate in the areas of organizational performance, human resource and compensation policy and CEO recruitment and performance management.

Members of the 2018-2019 HRCC are: Judi Richardson (Chair), Rob Campbell, Bob Wallis and Kathy Weston.

HRCC job description (PDF)

Governance Committee (GC)

This committee is accountable for supporting the Board’s governance mandate and operations. This includes implementing and monitoring the governance framework at MEC, Board performance evaluation, Director development and training and Board compensation.

Member of the 2018-2019 GC are: Daniel Blanche (Chair), Matthew Handford, Shawn Mitchell and Kathy Weston.

GC job description (PDF)

Nominations Committee (NC)

This committee is responsible for supporting the Board’s mandate in the areas of: Annual General Meeting and other democratic member participation activities, Board candidate nominations and elections, and Administering MEC Rules.

Members of the 2018-2019 NC are: Rob Campbell (Chair), Shawn Mitchell, Judi Richardson and two members at large, Graham Allen and Judy Martin.

NC job description (PDF)

Technology committee (TC)

This committee supports the delivery of the Board’s mandate by providing oversight of MEC’s systems projects and other technology-related issues.

Members of the 2018-2019 TC are: Kathy Uher (Chair), Daniel Blanche and Matthew Handford.

TC job description (PDF)