MEC Aquanot 20L and Aquanot Rolltop 20L bike pannier maintenance (July 2017)

The MEC Aquanot 20L and Aquanot Rolltop 20L require inspection and may require maintenance. Although we specified that Loctite (adhesive) be applied to the threads on several pieces of hardware to prevent them from loosening over time, during production the glue was not applied to some bolts. Nylon locknuts were specified for all the other main hardware on both styles, and our inspections have determined that locknuts are present as required.

Inspection and maintenance

For both pannier models, inspect the three bolts on the bottom rail and the two on the carrying handle for missing Loctite.

For the rolltop style, also inspect the two bolts (one on each of the side studs) that are used to hold down the ends of the webbing that secures the rolltop.

If any of the bolts specified to be secured with Loctite are coming loose, you can of course tighten them yourself and/or bring the pannier(s) to any MEC store to have the bolts tightened and Loctite applied. We recommend that you regularly check and tighten all fasteners on your pannier(s) and also occasionally tighten all bolts with nylon locknuts on them.

Aquanot pannier upper section

The handle bolts are shown within the top two yellow circles. The two yellow circles at the bottom of the photo surround the studs holding the ends of the Rolltop’s webbing straps.

Aquanot pannier bottom rail

Two of the three attachment bolts show and circled in yellow. The third is hidden by the sliding hook.


Refer to the vendor’s instructions for the pannier suspension system if you need more information: download pdf.

If you’re unable to come to an MEC store or you’re uncertain about which MEC Aquanot product you own, please contact our Service Centre at or 1.888.847.0770 (ask for Returns). We can check your purchase history and confirm if your product is affected.