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MEC Cycling Shoe Covers

We recently became aware of an incident in which a member may have inadvertently snagged their pedal on the underside of the toe sleeve of one shoe cover, which caused the individual to fall.

If you own a pair of MEC Cycling Shoe Covers or MEC Drencher Shoe Covers (pictured below) for wet weather riding, please ensure your covers fit snugly around the shoes you cycle in. If the covers do not fit entirely flush against the soles – there are gaps along the soles – we recommend that you stop using the shoe covers and return them to MEC for credit.

How to return your MEC shoe covers

It’s a simple process. Once you return the covers to MEC, you will receive an MEC Gift Card in exchange. The card represents the price of the shoe covers ($29), plus the sales tax paid on them.

To return your MEC shoe covers, please bring them along with a copy of the letter or email you received to your local MEC store.

Or, to return them by mail:

  • Use the member number from the letter or email you received from MEC as the Canada Post Ref. No.
  • Create a prepaid Canada Post shipping label.
  • Package the shoe covers along with the letter or email you received from MEC.
  • Print and attach the shipping label.
  • Drop off the package at the nearest post office or mailbox.

If you would like Canada Post to print the shipping label for you at a postal outlet, make note of the Canada Post Return Policy ID number in the letter or email we sent you, and give this number to the postal clerk.

For more information, email or call 1.888.847.0770.