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MEC One Buoyant Heaving Line

MEC has discovered three problems with the 2015 (dark citron) version of this product. If you purchased this product, please look at your heaving line and see if it’s affected by any of the problems below.

The first and main problem is that factory sent us this product with the rope tightly coiled and folded in half before it was put into the throw bag. With the rope coiled this way, it might not run out freely, which may prevent you from being able to toss the rope to someone in need of rescue. If this is the case with your line, remove the rope from its bag and loosely recoil it.

The second issue is that the rope may not be knotted inside the bag. Before you stuff the rope back into the bag, check to ensure there’s an overhand knot just inside the plastic grommet in the base of the bag. If there isn’t a knot, tie one to prevent the bag from slipping down the rope away from the figure-eight knot at the end.

The third problem is that the rope may be difficult or even impossible to properly re-stuff in the throw bag. If this is the case, please return it to MEC for a full refund. If you prefer to return the product by my mail, please contact our Service Centre at or 1.888.847.0770.