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Stop use + pending recall announcement of bear spray products with certain expiry dates

Bear spray sold at MEC with both a yellow spray nozzle and expiration dates of 08/2024 to 12/2024 may not discharge. If you purchased bear spray that meets these criteria, please discontinue use immediately. Canisters with a white spray nozzle are unaffected regardless of the date range and are safe to use.

MEC recently identified this issue when we received reports of bear spray cannisters that did not discharge when tested. In communicating with our supplier, we learned the issue is a result of an equipment change on the assembly line and is limited to products with specific expiry dates.

MEC will provide further instructions once a recall announcement is made by our supplier, to inform you of steps to take if your product is affected.

For now, if your canister has a yellow spray nozzle, check the expiry date to see if it may be included in the pending recall. Bear spray with a yellow spray nozzle and an expiry date of 08/2024 to 12/2024 sold at MEC or with a FRONTIERSMAN, FRONTIERSMAN XTRA, SABRE WILD & SABRE WILD MAX label is potentially affected. Use of these products should be immediately discontinued.

MEC is choosing to contact you in advance of the official recall announcement as your safety is our primary concern. As such, the information provided here may change as more details become available. Working with our supplier, we will provide details as quickly as we can.

If you have further questions, please get in touch with our Service Centre at or 1.888.847.0770 (ask for Returns).