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Recall re-announcement: Four styles of Frontiersman Bear Spray

Earlier in the summer of 2021, MEC took part in a recall of several Frontiersman Bear Spray Products. Due to unique circumstances surrounding supply chain changes in eastern Canada, we believe it’s possible that some recalled bear spray may have re-entered our inventory and been sold at MEC stores in Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia.

Out of an abundance of caution, MEC is re-announcing this recall and asking you to re-inspect your bear spray for the following expiry dates to ensure you didn’t purchase potentially affected bear spray. Bear spray with both a yellow spray nozzle and one of the following expiry dates 03/2024, 04/2024 (MEC Only), 08/2024, 09/2024, 10/2024, 11/2024 and 12/2024 may not discharge.

If you purchased bear spray from MEC that meets these criteria, please discontinue use immediately and return it to your nearest MEC location for a refund or replacement. Canisters with a white spray nozzle are unaffected regardless of the date range and are safe to use.

The safety of our staff and members is our first priority. Please do not return damaged cans to our retail locations. To prevent an accidental discharge, if your can is missing the safety wedge, please let staff know at the time of return. We have replacement safety wedges in store.

See the Health Canada recall page for additional information, including pictures of the affected yellow nozzle, where to find expiry dates, and lists of other bear spray brands affected by this recall. Please note that the 04/2024 expiry date code only affects a lot sold at MEC and does not currently appear in the Health Canada recall despite being affected.

The manufacturer has additional recall information on their website. Please note that MEC does not recommend testing your bear spray and does not require testing before you make a return.