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Recall announcement for Wild Country Superlight Rocks (Numbers 1-6)

MEC was recently informed about a Wild Country recall for their Superlight Rocks (Numbers 1–6) sold both individually and in sets. This recall is because of a fall hazard that could result from weakening of the product due to certain environmental exposures. While MEC only sold these as a set, individual rocks sold elsewhere may still be affected. This recall does not include Superlight Offset Rocks or other Wild Country Rock products. Only Superlight Rocks (Numbers 1–6) and Superlight Rocks Set (Numbers 1–6) are affected.

Wild Country asks that you stop using any single wire Superlight Rock immediately. To determine if your rocks are affected and for more information on the hazard that Wild Country has identified, please visit their Superlight Rock recall page.

For any Superlight Rock Sets purchased at MEC, you may return your product to us for a refund or follow the instructions on the Wild Country website to receive replacement product.

You may return your affected Wild Country Superlight Rock Set to any MEC location or remotely through our Customer Care team. If you have further questions or you want to arrange a remote return of your Superlight Rocks, please contact us at 1.888.847.0770 (ask for Returns) or chat with us online.