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Trango Vergo belay device (April 2017)

Belay devices sold after October 1, 2016 may be subject to a voluntary recall recently initiated by the manufacturer.

Recalled Vergo belay devices are from batch 16159 or 16195. No other batches are affected. The batch number is printed on the device next to the carabiner hole. If the belay device you purchased is from batch 16159 or 16195, immediately stop using it and return it to MEC for a full refund.

According to the manufacturer, “the handles on some Vergo belay devices may have loosened to allow lateral wobble or movement of the handle. If excessive downward force is exerted on a handle subject to lateral movement, the handle may over-rotate onto the front plate, preventing the front plate from moving freely, and impairing the device’s assisted braking capacity. If the handle over rotates as described above, the assisted braking function is impaired or disabled, and the risk of uncontrolled descent increases significantly.”

We are expecting new Trango stock to be available at MEC in mid-June.

For more info

More information, including a photo of where to find the batch number on your belay device, is available from the Trango press release. If you’re uncertain about which belay device you own, contact our Service Centre at or 1.888.847.0770 (ask for Returns). We can check your purchase history and confirm if your product is affected.