See Yourself Outside

Getting everyone active outside is what we’re all about.

That said, we haven’t always had it right. MEC campaigns, catalogues and models haven’t been representative of the diverse outdoor community we have in Canada. Many of the stories we’ve told in the history of our Co-op perpetuated an image of a predominantly white outdoor community, and that’s far from the truth. Moving forward, we’re committed to doing and being better: representing the diversity of the outdoor community we love.

Moving forward, everything MEC does to share the outdoor stoke will celebrate the already-thriving community of diverse folks who are active in the outdoors.

Outside is for everyone. It’s time we acted like it.

Time for a wake-up call

In March 2018, a member called us out for underrepresenting people of colour. Here’s what happened next.

Member feedback in action

Myth busting

People of colour don’t even like skiing/climbing/hiking/camping/getting outside

The truth about who’s active outside

Share your ideas

Change is happening, but we’re far from finished. If you have more ideas on how we can do better, we want to know.

Bringing diversity on board

Here’s how we’re addressing diversity on MEC’s Board of Directors.


Stories & profiles



JaBig is on a quest to break the record for the longest continuous fixed-gear bike ride. Join him on the last day of his ride to discover what happens when you listen to the voice inside you, telling you to go.


Facing Sunrise

While dealing with one of the darkest times of her life, Azzah becomes captivated by the question, “what do you want to do before you die?” and realizes she’s capable of more than she ever imagined.



When Emily is faced with a situation most hope never to encounter, she is forced to consider the choices she’s made – and what she’ll do differently in the next chapter of her life.


Judith Kasiama

Judith loves hiking Vancouver’s local mountains, often with friends who are new to hiking. When she’s not exploring the Canadian outdoors, she likes to travel and learn about the diverse cultures the world has to offer.


Rob Gosse

Outdoor enthusiast & MEC model.

Rob enjoys so many outdoor activities that he has a tough time listing them all. In the winter it’s a safe bet to find him skiing at Mount Baker. In the summer, he competes internationally in adaptive waterskiing and holds Canadian records in jump and slalom.


The Outdoor CEO Diversity Pledge

Advocating for and advancing the representation of people of colour in the outdoor industry.




Find out from MEC CEO David Labistour why this isn’t true at all.


This Parkbus program removes transit barriers and helps new Canadians get outside.