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Energy gels and chews

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Power your next move with energy gels and chews

Whether you’re looking for the perfect shot of energy to give you that mid-run boost or the carbohydrate induced motivation to get out there and start your next cycling sesh, energy gels and chews give you the flavorful boost you need to make your next move.

Energy gels from brands like GU are a quick shot of carbohydrate blend that gives you a long-lasting boost of energy without caffeine. They have added ingredients to decrease fatigue, improve recovery and stay hydrated longer. Take them on your run and squeeze right from the gel package for quick energy on the go or add them to some water for a tasty energy drink to sip. Flavors like smores, cola or sweet lemonade are the perfect match for your next hike.

If gels aren’t your thing, energy chews from brands like Honey Stinger, Clif Shot and Skratch Labs are chewable gummies packed with the same carbs for fast-acting energy. Some energy chews are made with caffeine if you prefer to get your energy from caffeinated treats.

Energy gels and chews can power any activity from cycling to running or hiking and give you that jolt that lets you go the extra mile.