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Tape, needle and thread for quick field repairs

Even the most careful and experienced campers end up with damaged gear now and again. Whether it’s a bit of rough terrain, an animal encounter gone wrong or just a bit of clumsy handling (happens to the best of us), keeping some supplies on hand keeps you prepared to respond. Tape, needle and thread are just a few of the basics to get you started.

Repair tape and glue are handy for all kinds of quick repair jobs when you’re camping. Whether you’ve found a tear in your tent or need to do some quick DIY work in the field, they’re great tools to have on hand in a pinch.

Similarly, a needle and thread or simple sewing kit – plus the knowledge of how to use them – can save you some serious stress. Tear your clothes on a hike? Get yourself back in presentable condition with a quick repair job.

To find more specific tools to keep your gear in working order, check out sleeping pad repair kits and tent repair and maintenance.