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Fleece jackets, hoodies and sweaters to keep you cozy

No matter the time of year, there’s not much that can beat the comfort of your favourite cozy sweater. Fleece jackets, hoodies and sweaters offer a huge amount of versatility. Pull one on to stay warm while you drink your morning coffee, for a chilly evening by the campfire or as one of many layers on a frigid winter expedition.

Fleece jackets are lightweight, durable and soft against your skin. By themselves or as part of a layering system, they offer great protection against the cold, plus they’re comfortable to wear.

For a more casual option, hoodies and sweaters in various materials are great for bundling up in any weather. Anytime you want to get cozy on the couch or layer up for a hike, a good sweater is a must-have.

For any type of fleece jacket, hoodie or sweater, keep an eye out for the features that’ll make one your favourite go-to. Hood or no hood? Zipper or snap closure? How many pockets, and where are they? More specialized options include durable water repellent coatings to help keep you dry, reflective details to make sure you’re visible in low light and antimicrobial properties that keep you feeling fresh.

If you're on the fence about adding a fleece sweater to your arsenal, here are some things to consider.

1. Fleece sweaters keep you warm

Fleece sweaters are made for trapping body heat, so they're great for keeping you toasty on cold days on the trails or chilly nights around the campfire.

2. Insulation

Fleece is lightweight and insulating without being bulky or heavy.

3. Comfort

If you've ever felt a fleece sweater, you'll know they're insanely comfortable and feel soft and cozy against the skin.

4. Layering

Fleece sweaters are a great mid layer in a layering system for outdoor activities like hiking or skiing. They help to regulate body temperature by trapping heat and letting moisture escape.

5. The perfect outdoor and travel companion

It's no secret fleece sweaters are popular with people who love the outdoors. That's because they provide the right amount of warmth and breathability for activities like hiking and camping, while also being versatile enough to be worn casually, and light enough to be great for travelling.