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Bike tubes

Keep your tires inflated and ready to roll with fresh tubes. Whether you're fixing a pesky flat, gearing up for a tire change, or going on a gnarly bike packing adventure, reliable tubes are a must. These inflatable wonders fit snugly between the rim and tire.

Selecting the right size of bike tubes is crucial. Tube size is determined by the tire's width and wheel diameter. Common tire diameters include 700mm for road bikes, 26-27.5 inches for hybrids and 29 inches for mountain bikes.

Additionally, when dealing with wheelsets that have deeper rim depths, it's important to consider valve stem lengths, which range from 48mm to 80mm. Once you've got the perfect tubes for your tires, the installation process awaits. All you need are tire levers, a trusty pump, and a keen eye for detail, so you can effortlessly switch out your old tubes for new ones. If you’re unsure about how to change your tubes, check out our article on fixing a flat tire to learn something new or better yet, swing by your local MEC bike shop for expert advice.