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Road bikes

Choosing the right road bike

If you want to feel like a rider in the Tour De France a road bike will take you there, with a lightweight frame, fluid shifting and an aerodynamic build. A road bike brings you to an entirely different level when it comes to speed and enjoyment.

When you are in the market for a road bike, it is important not to put “too much dip on your chip.” It’s easy to get lost in the world of road bikes.

Road bikes are typically constructed using three primary materials for their frames: steel, aluminum, or carbon. The different material affects the weight, stiffness, and geometry of the bike.

If you are starting to dip your toes into the road cycling world, getting a bike with a steel or aluminum frame is more ideal. Bikes that come with these types of frames are typically inexpensive and easier to take care of. They also come with components that are easier to source, replace, and use. An entry level road bike will help you explore the world of road cycling without having to break the bank or worry about durability and comfort.

Road bikes built with carbon materials are the fastest and lightest road bikes on the market. Carbon road bikes are usually equipped with the best drivetrain technology in the industry, if you are looking for speed and to save weight look no further than a carbon frame but it comes at a cost of durability, harder to source parts, maintenance, and comfort.

Whatever type of road bike you choose make sure you’re properly fitted for maximum efficiency and comfort. Visit your local MEC to get all the help you need with buying a road bike.