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    Get helpful insights on active days with fitness trackers

    If you’ve been busy shaving minutes off your daily run or you’re curious how hard your heart’s been working while you motor through twists and turns on your trail bike, an activity tracker might be a worthwhile addition to your training arsenal.

    With the ability to track things like lap time, pace, and heart rate across multiple activities, they’re a powerful tool to have. They have simple options for time-tracking across a range of activities including interval training, and allow you to choose from different sport modes.

    A waterproof tracker is a steadfast workout companion in rain or shine, and Bluetooth lets you connect to compatible accessories or stream tunes to wireless headphones. You also might prefer to use a seamless touchscreen fitness tracker over one with buttons.

    For more info on which device might work best for you, scroll through our article on how to choose a fitness watch or fitness tracker. And when you’re done, compare trackers from brands like Garmin, Suunto and Coros.